A - B
in collaboration with Jonathan Ravasz
site specific installation, dimensions variable
courtesy: Zahorian & Van Espen gallery Bratislava, Prague

Antimemorial / Antimonument "A-B" is site specific installation, which depicts the prime meridian (at zero longitude) in the exhibition space. The installation turns 360 degrees around its axis every 24 hours by means of a sophisticated mechanism and special software designed specifically for this work (in collaboration with Jonathan Ravasz).
“The bent metal rod is turning opposite to the movement of the prime meridian in Greenwich in England, and thereby I create an imaginary frozen abscissa in space. The viewer is not conscious of the movement, just as mankind is often not conscious of its impact on the planet. This utopian antimemorial / antimonument is a metaphor of the temporal and geological epoch we have been experiencing – the Anthropocene.”

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