Jaroslav Kyša

b. 1981 in Czechoslovakia, lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia


2000 - 2007
TU, Faculty of Arts, Department of Arts and Intermedia,
Studio of free creativity 3D, prof.Juraj Bartusz M.F.A., Kosice, Slovakia
Study stage on Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava, Space comunication studio, Mgr.art Anton Cierny, Bratislava, Slovakia
1996 - 2000
School of applied arts, Kremnica, Slovakia

Awards, residencies

Novum foundation, finalist, Bratislava, Slovakia
Brooklyn Langer residency, New York, USA
Finalist of Oskar Cepan prize for young artists, Nova Synagoga - Kunsthalle Zilina, Slovakia
Artist in residence, Keret House, Warsaw, Poland
Artist in residence, Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany
Artist in residence, Banska St a nica, Slovakia
Winner of Szpilman award 2011, Germany
Artist in residence, Celeia, Celje, Slovenia
Finalist of Szpilman award, Berlin, Germany
Artist in residence, Futura, Prague, Czech republic
Finalist of Oskar Cepan prize for young artists, G.M.B.- Pallfy palace, Bratislava, Slovakia

Solo exhibitions

Process (with Juraj Bartusz), ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN, Bratislava, Slovakia
Zero meridian, Zahorian & Van Espen gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Bad humour, Beastro, Bratislava, Slovakia
There is no such place ( with Jan Gašparovič ), House of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic
Island of stability ( with Jan Gasparovic ), amt_project, Bratislava, Slovakia
Alchemy inside of you, Plusminus gallery, Zilina, Slovakia
Destruct to reconstruct, Cyprian Majernik gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Selected group exhibitions

Re-creation, Gallery of M. A. Bazovsky, Trencin, Slovakia
Ko-shické metro, Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Arc of Memory, curated by Tereza Jindrová, ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 – 2017
Time After Time, MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic
Look What Is Back, Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia
YIA # 7 (Young International Artists) Paris, France, represented by ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN
Potential of everyday life, Museum of Art, Zilina, Slovakia
No Goddess of Memory, MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, Sepsiszentgyorgy, Romania
YIA # 6 (Young International Artists) Brussels, Belgium, represented by ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN
Dead Darlings, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia
THE AMBIGUOUS LIGHTNESS OF BEING, Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, USA
Bunker Specific, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia
RESET 2015, Jozef Kollár Gallery, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia
Art Has No Alternative, Tranzit, Bratislava, Slovakia
Past ? Present ? Past, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic
Oskar Cepan prize for young artist, Nova Synagoga, Zilina, Slovakia
Past, Present, Past, Karlin studios, Prague, Czech republic
L N D N, Zahorian gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Situace 47, Pavilon gallery, Prague, Czech republic
SNP Nepovinna vystava, Kunsthalle Kosice, Slovakia
Darker than Black, Soda gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Werkleitz - Jubilaums Festival 2013, Halle (Salle), Germany
The Emperor's New Apparel, Trafo gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Hunky Dory, Karlin studios, Prague, Czech republic
Medzicentrum, (workshop) Kosice, Slovakia
Neviditelna Stiavnica, (workshop) Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia
Mor Ho!, Red gallery, London, United Kingdom
Schwindel der Freiheit, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB), Berlin, Germany
All Lights are Fire (with P.Koysova and J. Gasparovic), SPACE, Bratislava, Slovakia
Time Geometry - Practices in Public Environment, Regional History Museum, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


E-mail: kysa@jaroslavkysa.com
Website: www.jaroslavkysa.com

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