Form Follows Function
extra gloss lacquer, mahogany exterior paint
intervention in public space, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia
Through a laborintensive process I transformed a simple wooden construction
supporting a withering historical house into something precious looking, highlighting the significance of its function.

gold leafs, old railway track
intervention in public space, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia
I found this piece of train track, accidentally implanted in the soil, in the area of the former train station of Banska Stiavnica. A massacre took place on this ground in 1944. Around 80 Carpathian German civilians were killed by members of the Slovak national resistance. By gilding the surface of this train track I created a monument for this tragic event, which is rarely mentioned and barely talked about.

Alchemy Inside of You
bread, amethyst

The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
mixed media

The Spirit of Ecstasy
intervention in public space, London, United Kingdom
2011, 01:03 min

the spirit of ecstasy from Jaroslav Kysa on Vimeo.

The Barrier
intervention in public space, London, United Kingdom
2011, 02:02 min

Black Remorse
site-specific installation, Celje, Slovenia
black shiny color, theatre spot light, tripod, sensor

Theatre spot light is connected to the kinetic sensor but operates in the oposite way. When the visitor gets closer, the light will automaticaly turn off and will turn on again when he leaves. The viewer then cannot get close enough to the splash to see it well exposed and so metaphoricaly enlighted. It always stays lit only from the distance. After the viewer's arrival it becomes only a random splash of a color on the street. For this instalation in the public space in Celje - Slovenia , I found a place of a tragic past.

Too Far East is West
site-specific installation, London, United Kingdom
light, cable, engine, aeorosol can

Too far east is west, engages with a notion of place and identity. Geographical notation have an ambivalent connotation, they indicate specific points in space and yet they are completely dependent on the subject’s perspective . How do we define our place in the world? As in the constant flux of passers-by in front of the window, a light in a continuous motion, draws the same trajectory over and over again. It suggests a sense of inexorable repetition, implacable passage of time.  
At the same time spectator’s perspective is constantly changing, in infinite diversions, yet in an ultimately predictable path.

photography of an action in public space, Celje, Slovenia
30 x 40 cm, c-print

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